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Dawn M Gaietto, 'Realms of Influence', 2017

Dawn M Gaietto

Dawn M Gaietto is a lens-based artist working and living in London. As a research student at the Slade School of Fine Art, her project What is happening here? [exploits of the nonhuman] is an extended proposal for the term anthrodecentric art. Dissecting small components of the agency of a nonhuman allows for the momentary lapse in preconceived notions, the entertaining of a conceptual framework in which the non-human acts upon and influences the existence of a human. A recent project focused on the instantiation of a functional pigeon loft within a gallery space. This intervention allowed for a potential reconfiguring of viewership--creating new formulations of sustainability--both in the art making practices and a wider practice of being-in-the-world.


Instagram: @dawnmgaietto
Twitter: @dgaietto