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Freddy Griffiths, Untitled, 2017

Freddy Griffiths

Freddy Griffiths’s work deals primarily with the recognition and exploration of the physicality of photography. It seeks to illustrate connections between the image and its physical manifestation. He considers photography to be entering a new realm of use, in which the paper support previously so essential is now hardly relevant. Griffiths aims to consider what implications this has for photography as a medium, in an increasingly dissipated post medium world. These investigations into photographic materiality are often process led, frequently centred around performative actions, such as long walks, or other physical explorations such as rock climbing or riding a bicycle. By taking this approach Griffiths hopes to demonstrate a relationship between physical effort and the tangible production of material meaning. He works between Nottingham, London and South Wales.


Instagram: @fredmrg
Twitter: @FreddyGriffiths