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Melanie King, 'Ancient Light', 2017

Melanie King

Melanie King is a multi-disciplinary artist, with a specific focus on astronomy. Melanie is currently studying towards a practice based PhD at the Royal College of Art which looks at historical and contemporary astronomical images. Melanie's practice explores the intrinsic connection between humans, materials and phenomena existing beyond the Earths' atmosphere. She primarily uses sun, moon and starlight to cause effects on photosensitive materials. Melanie can often be found in the darkroom, and is known for her work with silver gelatin materials, cyanotype and daguerreotype. Melanie also explores materiality in relation to traditional printmaking processes, using meteorite-imbued ink to create a series of photo-etchings. Melanie's practice is focused upon demonstrating how humanity, planet earth and the greater universe are intimately connected. In the current ecological climate, Melanie believes that it is particularly important to consider our relationship to our home planet. Melanie is the co-director of Lumen Studios, super/collider and the London Alternative Photography Collective.


Instagram: @melaniekatking
Twitter: @melaniekking