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Rowan Lear, 'Grease of the Earth', 2017

Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear is an artist, writer and organiser. Her materials are old and new media, found images and objects, and language itself, culminating in texts, installations and experimental photomedia. She has contributed to photography publications and participated in exhibitions, talks, reading groups, residencies and symposia across the UK and further afield. Rowan is a PhD candidate at UWL as part of Thinking the Image, where her research examines gesture, agency and automation in the evolution of camera technologies. She co-organises wrkwrkwrk, a London-based feminist study group, and teaches photography theory at Ffotogallery, Cardiff. Rowan is currently developing a photobook around mineral extraction, accelerated agriculture and sensation in scientific and photographic processes.


Instagram: @rowanlear
Twitter: @rowanlear