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Victoria Doyle, 'Untitled (Bellows), 2016

Victoria Doyle

Victoria Louise Doyle is an artist based between Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London. In 2016, she received a BA in Photography from London College of Communication and is currently undertaking an MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art. In a continued investigation into the ontology of the photograph through its authentic and metaphysical properties, she carves new territory in the study of the image; questioning the autonomy of the photograph. Perceived boundaries of photography are broken down, with sculpture and installation methods utilised in her work with medium promiscuity. Concerned with experience in her experiments she allows the photograph to be explored with tenderness and brutality, stripping bare the apparatus of power ascribed to the image in an autopsy of its processes.


Instagram: @VictoriaDoyle
Twitter: @VictoriaDoyle